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By: ichikawafat1965 | April 29, 2018

Nail fungus is a typical condition that begins as a white or yellow spot beneath the tip of your fingernail or toenail. Because the fungal an infection goes deeper, nail fungus may trigger your nail to discolor, thicken and crumble on the edge. It could possibly have an effect on a number of nails.

If your situation is gentle and not bothering you, you could not need treatment. If your nail fungus is painful and has induced thickened nails, self-care steps and medicines could help. But even if treatment is successful, nail fungus typically comes back.

Nail fungus can be called onychomycosis. When fungus infects the areas between your toes and the skin of your toes, it is known as athlete's foot (tinea pedis).


You may have nail fun...

By: ichikawafat1965 | April 25, 2018

As we speak I am going to speak about a situation that is generally not dangerous at all. It doesn't ever put people in the hospital, it often causes no pain, and it is nearly always hidden from sight. Yet this is likely one of the most requested subjects to date. For some reason, it really bothers people. At the moment's article will concentrate on toenail fungus. OK, now you can all get excited.

 What Is Toenail Fungus?

I ask myself: why is it that so many individuals want me to speak about this topic? The answer, after all, is this: it's ugly. Toenail fungus, recognized by docs as onychomycosis, makes the toenails look gross, and apparently having gross toenails is an actual blow to the conceit of my patients. Regardless of the pu...